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Mango Milk Shake

Come summers  ,vacations starts and we all look for coolers. Eating lunch/ dinner becomes more difficult thanks to heat and thirst. I love to make milkshakes in summers as they keep us filled for longer hours. When the king of fruits have come, its natural that we all enjoy them for summers.

Here goes the simple mango milkshake that tastes yum, and liked by elders and younger ones alike.

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2 Medium size ripe mangoes

2 Cups milk

1 tbsp Sugar ( add or less depending on sweetness)

Cardamom powder: 1 tsp

Vanilla Icecream: 2 scoops (optional) I didn’t add


  1. Chop the mangoes and add all ingredients alongside in a blender.
  2.  Blend smoothly. If too thick, add more milk.
  3. Serve chilled.



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Lemon Ginger Concentrate

Come summer and we all start looking for coolers. There’s nothing that beats a cool glass of our own Nimbu Paani. J  And when it’s mixed with a dash of ginger, it makes it yummier. I still remember our childhood days when at the start of summer mom used to buy a packet of Rasna, make juice and pour the concentrate in bottles. When guests or someone comes in summer, the concentrate was poured in desired consistency, mixed with water and juices were ready to be served.

This or Mor (Buttermilk with a dash of curry leaves and ginger) used to be our favorite drink in summer. Buttermilks are the best option alongside lemon juice in summer. No bottle of cola or aerated drinks comes closer to the home made juices. J

Today I am sharing the recipe of the concentrate hope you try and like it.

Lemon ginger concentrate (1)


Makes: 2 ½ cups.


Lemons: 10-12

Sugar: 2 ½.-3 cups

Ginger: a big piece chopped finely or grated.

Water: 1- 1 ½ cup

Cardamom: 2 tsp.


1.Take water and sugar in a pan and boil till it thickens a little.

2. Add the ginger, cardamom powder and let simmer for a couple of minutes.

3. Allow it to cool.

4. Squeeze the lemons and add the juice in the cooled sugar water.

5. Strain using a strainer and pour the concentrate in a nice dry bottle.

How to make juice:

Pour 2 tbsp. concentrate whenever needed, add a glass of water and the juice is ready.

Lemon juice


Keep in a dry bottle, refrigerate, it stays good for a year.