Soulfull Desi Muesli – My Review

The other day I had been at a friend’s place. We all know what happens when we catch up with friends after ages – times goes out of the window; chit chatting takes lead above everything else. By the time our stomachs started rumbling it was way past lunch time. So we decided to eat something light and healthy to avoid upsetting our regular eating schedule. She very happily poured her bowl with muesli, added milk, and fruits and started munching.

Now I am not a milk person so Muesli was never my idea of food. Somehow the combination never tempted me so she offered me muesli with curd. This was something novel which I had never tried before. She invited me to take a leap of faith and try it. I very apprehensively started eating. I took the bite and nearly swooned. This was unexpected. I never expected something to taste so yummy with curd. I asked her the product details and she told me about Soulfull.

Soulfull Desi Muesli

I had liked Soulfull Ragi Chocó’s which kiddo digs in with much happiness. I allow him to indulge sometimes and when she showed me the box I realized this was the one I had received today from Soulfull for review.  What a coincidence!!! It was meant to be.

Happily once back home I opened the box and decided to pair it with Aloo Paranthas next day morning for the family instead of the usual raita. They all loved the combination and the breakfast kept us full for a long time. Needless to say that this is a hit at our place specially with me as I love curd and anything that tastes yum with curd is always hits the right spot.

Soulfull Desi Muesli

This muesli is a life saver for many like me who don’t like milk and better, this one comes mixed with nice desi spices and salt. So all you have to do is add muesli, curd and you are good to go.

Thank you Soulfull for this wonderful creation. Although I had received the sample for review the review is based on my experience with the product before even opening the review sample.

PS: Although I got the products as free samples all the views shared here are personal and honest.

You can buy this here



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