Chocolate Modak

One of the most easy sweet made to offer to Lord Ganesha. I love this sweet as it can be made with just 3 ingredients and loved by all. 🙂

The 10 day festive came to an end yesterday. I was glued to TV watching all Bappas and feeling sad. 😦 I never like visarjan, its like a part of myself gets immersed when i see the idols go in water. The happiness, joy, celebration and festive mood all comes to an halt. The sea of people to watch immersions in Mumbai is worth a clap. The spirit of the city is truly seen.

Chocolate modak is a variation to normal Kesar or Mava modak. I have always loved modaks and wondered how great it would be if we could make them home.In Mumbai you get to variety of modaks but in Bangalore this is not very often seen. So after a little research and some trial and error i got this. The kiddo gave a big thumbs up so did people who tasted, so sharing the recipe.Do try this and I am sure you would keep making it.

Chocolate Modak


Khova: 250 gms

Sugar: 1/4 cup or more depending on sweetness

Cocoa Powder: 2 tbsp

Chocolate Modak


  1. Grate the khova. Heat the pan and add the khova and cook on a low flame.
  2. The flame should be very low and it would be start leaving fat.
  3.  Once it loosens, add sugar and choco powder and start mixing them.
  4. It would come together like a soft dough in 5- 10 minutes
  5.  Transfer in a plate and allow to cool.
  6. Once cool, grease the modak mould and make this yummy modaks.
  7. This will stay good for 5-6 days when refrigerated.


Sieve the cocoa powder before adding to avoid forming of lumps.

Use a good quality powder for good results.

Chocochips can be used instead of cocoa powder too. Shall share that version soon. 🙂



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