One of the savory delicacies that is mainly made for Diwali/ Janmastami/ Ganesh Chaturthi. This one is a keeper with the goodness of butter, a hint of cashews and rice flour. Homemade deep fried ones are much healthier and better than the over expensive store brought ones. This one I made for Janmashtami and was very happy with the results.



Sharing the recipe here:

Rice Flour: 4 cups

Bengal Gram Flour: 2 cups (powdered)

Salt to taste

Butter: 2-3 tbsp

Cashews:2 tbsp. (Powdered) See Notes

Cumin Seeds: 1 tsp

Sesame seeds: 1 tsp

Water as needed.



Powder the Bengal Gram Flour and cashews.

Take a pan add the flour and cashew powder and the sesame seeds, salt and water to make soft dough.

Take the mold, grease the star plate. Fill with dough.

Test the oil and when hot press and fry in medium flame till golden brown.

Do the same for the remaining dough.

Store in an airtight container.

Mutusaram and Nutty Yogi Cashew Butter



Instead of cashews I used the Nutty Yogi Cashew butter, yummy and awesome. The goodness of butter and cashew together is handy when you run out of cashews/ butter. Do try and I’m sure you will not regret using.

Can be used as a spread on breads too.

About Nutty Yogi Butter:

The Nutty Yogi Cashew Butter is as smooth as any other butter. The natural sweet spread prepared by raw or roasted cashews gives an awesome taste. This, full of nutrients, butter is a very good morning breakfast add-on.This is one butter where the heart and mind don’t need to jostle as its taste trumps its nutrition but barely so.

About Nutty Yogi:

The inspiration on of Nutty Yogi really started in our grandmothers kitchen. We remain inspired by her nose for freshness and an uncanny ability to spot the best ingredients. At Nutty Yogi our commitment to good and wholesome food takes us on a vast journey across India . A journey that begins in the farmers fields of India and ends on your table . But the true origins lie in the pages of your grandmothers cookbooks and her old-fashioned recipes that preserve nutrition without compromising taste.

What is it about Nutty Yogi that your grandmother would like the most ? We’re not sure.
Maybe she really likes the fact that we get our staples right from the source or she might
get patriotic feelings towards our products because they are made right here in India.
But what she will definitely love the most is that the Nutty Yogi range of products are

easy to use and bursting with nutrition.



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