TeaMonk Global

The other day we tried Tea Monk Global, brand. I tried the green tea variant for obvious reasons ๐Ÿ˜› These days; thanks to health awareness lots of brands are entering the green tea market. Customers now are spoilt for choices as there are lots of options to choose from like Tulsi, Cinnamon, Ginger ,Lemon,Oolong to name a few.TeaMonk Global

Perfectly packed with a zip lock option to retain the flavor and aroma, this one is a good option for people who love drinking green teas. Unlike the tea bags, this one has to be boiled like the typical tea and the aromas start wafting. I donโ€™t like my green tea very strong or bitter, I like it mild and flavorful. My personal flavor is ginger and lemon flavors.

The secret if good tea is to boil the water separately and once the bubbles settle down pour the hot water on the tea leaves and steep it to the given time. Then strain the tea leaves,as boiling together makes the tea bitter.

Just boil the tea leaves and fill it in the kettle and you are good to go for the whole day sipping green teas. J And if you love reading books then this is the ultimate way of relaxing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I served some crackers to go with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Go ahead and try. I am sure you would like what you taste.

About TeaMonk :

It is said that a Buddhist monk was resting under a tree and accidentally a drop of leaf fell into his drink making it taste delicious. In a moment of epiphany, he discovered Tea. much like Newton invented gravity! Only, more important. Buddhist monks have been drinking tea ever since to help them stay awake during long periods of meditation. But it is entirely possible, that tea also helps in a spiritual awakening of sorts.

But more times than not, this tranquil quality is lost somewhere in its journey from the gardens to your cup of tea. Like all good things, a good tea needs the utmost care and nurturing to bring out its best quality. And this is what we strive to bring to you at Teamonk.

Our teas are grown in beautiful pockets in the land of spirituality, India. The earth is organic and the air, pristine. The tea leaves are plucked at the precise moment of readiness by the loving and practiced hands of our tea pluckers. The leaves are processed with great precision by master artisans.

The processed tea is packaged by craftsmen whose only job is to keep its freshness intact. And this is the tea that is delivered to you in record time.

They pick the best leaves, source locally and very carefully and lovingly create them. You can read more about them here

PS: Although I got the product for review, the opinion shared here are personal.



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