Review of Blogepreneur Workshop Conducted By Priya Shiva

I attended Priya’s Blogging workshop on 15th July 2017 organized at Royal Orchid, Bangalore. I must say that it was very professionally organized and Priya shared a vast knowledge on blogging. She shared tools and tips for amateur bloggers who many a times don’t have an idea of how to develop their passion into a profession. People think it’s easy but trust me it takes hard work and skills to recognize your strengths and work on it. You have to keep yourself updated and use technology to the optimum.

The venue was perfect to organize such an event. The workshop was conducted with presentations and videos which Priya showcased using digital projector. High tea and delicious lunch was offered to all of us. Hands on training and in depth knowledge sharing was given for how to develop and grow your blog from the comforts of your home. She talked about content management and identifying your niche which is very important. Blog is your brand and she talked about building and marketing it through various channels. She conducted an in-depth session on content writing and social media. Blogging also involves visual treat especially for a food blogger like me and she had an interactive sessions and also shared tricks on photography with camera and mobile, food presentations etc.

Blogging is a tough job especially for people who don’t know much about using technology and how to market the blog in a right way. Brands keep looking for bloggers to promote and review their products on various platforms. Priya shared her tips and insights on how to monetize your blog. She made us participate in live brand activities which can help us to be an influencer. We had a session on affiliate marketing with Tulsi from SpiceSafari which was very useful too. We had representatives from Preethi Kitchen appliances who talked about their products and I’m looking forward to work with such a brand in future.

Thank you Priya Shiva for conducting this blogepreneur workshop. This motivated me to work harder and enriched me as a person. Here’s hoping and wishing you a great success ahead. You can connect with her through her blog – Priya Kitchenette

Leaving you with some pictures from the event:

The Venue

Priya in action
The knowledge seekers.
PS: This is my personal opinion, which I felt should be shared. Not influenced or requested.


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