Instant Strawberry Ice Cream

Ice creams and that too instant is an awesome idea I feel. Homemade gives a nice personal touch plus an awesome taste. Ingredients handpicked and suited to taste. Normally I feel the strawberry ice creams store brought taste like medicines.  So I often end up making at least the strawberry one home.

Strawberry Ice Cream


This recipe comes handy as requires minimum effort and amazing ice cream.

Here goes the recipe:


Fresh Strawberries: 1 cup chopped

Milk: 2 cup

Fresh Cream:1cup

Condensed milk: 2 tbsp.

Sugar: ¼th cup

Strawberry Ice cream



1.Chop the strawberries and keep aside.

2.Take all the ingredients in the mixer and blend for a couple of minutes.

3.Pour in a bowl, freeze for 8-10 hours.

4.Serve with some rose syrup topping or plain.


Add more strawberries for bright color.



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