Tuti Fruity Ice cream

Come summers we all look for coolers. Ice creams and cold drinks make their most business in this season. I too like to keep experimenting with ice creams at home. Not all come out great but sometimes I do hit a bulls eye. 🙂

This is one such recipe. Just a few ingredients and we are good to go to make this wonderful fruity ice cream.

Here goes the recipe:


Cream: 200 ml

Condensed Milk: 1/4 tin + 1 tbsp( depending on the sweetness level preferred)

Tuti fruity: 1/2 cup

Rose Syrup: 1- 2 tsp

Tuti Fruity Ice Cream


  1. Take the cream and the condensed milk and beat till it incorporates well and become frothy.
  2. Add the rose syrup and tuti fruity and mix well.
  3.  Freeze it in an air tight container for 8-10 hours
  4. Serve

Tuti Fruity Ice Cream


Yummy ice cream ready to serve.



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