Beetroot Halwa

The other day when I saw beetroot at cheap price, was tempted to buy more than needed. 😛  So other than making Poriyals and soups I casually goggled and found this halwa recipe. Similar to Gajar Halwa this one is a sure shot keeper as its more nutritious and healthier. I just pressure cooked with minimal ingredients and Beetroot HalwaViola, the halwa is ready. This one takes much lesser time and ghee than Gajar ka Halwa. Apt for people who want to diet and have a sweet tooth. 🙂

Here’s the recipe.


Beetroots: 3 medium sized grated thick or thin

Sugar: 3-4 tbsp (Check Notes)

Ghee: 1 tbsp

Milk: ¼- ½ cup

Cashews, Raisins: 1 tbsp

To Garnish:

Almonds: 1 tbsp


  1. Heat a heavy bottom pan or pressure cooker, add ghee cashews, raisins. Fry golden brown.
  2. Add the beetroots and sauté for a couple of minutes.
  3. Add milk and sugar, and bring it to boil.
  4. Pressure cook on medium flame for 2 whistles.
  5. Once pressure releases, open and simmer till its semi dry.
  6. Garnish with almond slices.
  7. Serve hot/ cold.

Beetroot Halwa


Add milk as needed, if the beetroots are juicy add little milk and cook. If you add all milk it will take more time to simmer.

Stays good for 3-4 days if refrigerated.


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