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Carrot Halwa

Come winter and the most beautiful red carrots arrive. I love using them. The best part is their color and the sweetness they bring to the recipe. Plus, making this halwa requires lots of patience and stirring. So might as well get some shoulder exercise by continuous stirring. 😛

You can add khoya/milk powder etc. to make it richer. My version is pretty simple and with handy ingredients. The other versions shall be updated soon.  🙂

Here goes the recipe for the same.


Carrots peeled and grated 1 kg

Sugar: 1 cup (increase or decrease as per the carrots sweetness)

Ghee 1-2 tbsps.

Cardamom powder: 1 tsp.

Nuts (Cashews, raisins, almonds, pistachios): 2 tbsp. (All or any can be used)



  1. Heat a pressure cooker and add the sugar and carrots. No need to add water as the water carrots leave and the sugar is enough.
  2. Keep cooking them till it reduces. Keep stirring in intervals and cook in a low-medium flame.
  3. The whole procedure would take around 1- 1.5 hours. Yes, this requires a lot of patience. And the more it takes time the tastier it becomes.
  4. Add ghee in the end. Fry the cashews n raisins in ghee (optional). I directly added them.
  5. Serve hot/ warm.




Add milk while cooking say ½ cup if it becomes too dry and smells raw)



Hi, I am Kavita, the owner of this blog.There are many types of foodies; vegeterian, non vegetarian, eggeterian , so i thought foodies should be called "foodaterian". Hence the name.Like most of you, i too was an amateur cook who didn't know even the basics like how much water to be added to rice?. :) With time i have learned and would like to share and learn the recipes. Hope to get love and support from all you wonderful people. You can reach me at twitter:

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