Dry Gulab Jamuns

Come festive season , we gear up to make sweets and savories for our near and dear ones. This is one such dish. Right, moist and soft melt in mouth Gulab Jamuns. I have a weakness for this sweet. I love eating them and can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😀😀😀.  So this festive season do try this and impress your friends and family .

An easy recipe doesn’t take much time and can be made easily. Stays good for a week. Tastes best when served either warm or with vanilla ice cream.

Dry Gulab Jamuns

Here’s the recipe:


Gulab jamun mix pack : 1(I used Aachi )

Milk: 2 tbsp

Sugar : 1.5 cups

Water : 2 cups

Oil/ ghee for deep frying

Cardamoms: 2-3 crushed with skin.

Method :

Take the contents of the mix pack and make a smooth soft dough using milk  as needed . The dough should be soft or else the jamuns would crack.

Heat sugar and water in a wide vessel and boil till sugar melts . Should be syrupy.

Heat oil and while heating , make small balls of the jamuns in oval shape. Make sure no cracks . Fry till golden brown in low medium flame.

Drop them in the sugar syrup. Remove after 10 minutes and roll them in sugar.

Serve .



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