Apple Almonds Smoothie

Summers equals to liquids for me. I love making smoothies and drinking instead of dinners/ breakfast. I don’t like skipping breakfast, but there are days when we plan for brunch, or just busy to make and eat  so this comes handy “An apple a day keeps the doctors away” they say. Sometimes finishing the whole apple becomes a little difficult and I don’t like storing cut apples. So these days I have started incorporating it in smoothies. Drinking plain milk is a strict no no for me. I hate them.And I am not a tea coffee person, so this makes a good one glass health potion for me.The goodness of apples,milk, almonds, oats and honey all in one. 🙂 Plus, the best part is its healthy and keeps you full for hours. Yum. 😀

Apple Almonds Smoothie

Serves 2

Here’s the recipe:


  • Apple: 1 medium sized.
  • Oats: 1 tbsp
  • Honey/ Sugar: 1 tbsp
  • Almonds: 4
  • Milk: 1 1/2 cups


1. Chop the apples and almonds roughly. You can peel the skin. I didn’t.

2. Add all in the mixie jar and  blend till smooth.

3. Add milk little by little and keep whipping.

4. Serve cold and immediately.


Apple Almonds Smoothie


  • This needs to be consumed immediately as it thickens if you keep for long.
  • You can add ice cubes while blending.
  • Replace honey with sugar or just skip if the apple is sweet.


  1. I love smoothies too. On several occasions I have skipped lunch or dinner and substituted them with smoothies. Will definitely try this. Never tried adding oats and almonds to apple smoothie. Great! Will leave you a note when I try this. Thank you for sharing the recipe.


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