Coin Dosa

Once you have batter, life and packing breakfasts or kiddo becomes easy. We can relax as always backup is available. Today I am sharing a recipe which is a winner amongst kids. If you have batter making a breakfast would take 10 minutes for the kiddo.

Dosas when made in coin size like uthappams becomes easy and fun to eat for kids. They feel more delighted when they can finish one dosa in one bite. Hope you try and like this.


Makes: 10 coins


  • Dosa Batter: 2 cups
  • Oil/butter/ghee: as needed


  1. Heat the tava pour a spoon of batter.
  2. Smear butter/ghee/oil on sides.
  3. Flip gently and let it cook for a couple of minutes.
  4. Serve with chutney/sambhar/podi.

Coin Dosa



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