Palak Paneer

Palak paneer has a special place in my life.Our most favorite comfort food. What better way of incorporating greens and proteins in the form of paneer in our diet? These dishes now are very popular and thanks to technology and so many blogs that we get to know how to make them so easily. But some years these were unknown to most of us. Paneer was something we used to order only when we go to hotels. Not something regularly made at home.

I still remember and miss those days when we used to frequent hotels only on very special occasions, unlike now when for most, weekends= eating out. Time has changed so has tastes and availability. There is a hotel in my hometown where i love to est Palak Paneer , very mild, rich green and no much spice. It used to be my favorite. Only recently say last 6-8 years that i have started experimenting with food and I am proud and happy that i try. There are many versions of making palak paneer too. I am sharing my regular version. Shall share another ways of making soon. 🙂


Here’s the recipe, hope you try and like.

Serves: 3


Palak (spinach) 2 bunches cleaned, chopped

Methi Leaves: a handful (optional)

Paneer: 150 gms

Green chilies: 2-3

Coriander leaves: a Handful (optional, i used though)

Onions: 1 finely chopped

Tomato: 1 finely chopped.

Oil: 1 tbsp

Turmeric powder: a pinch

Fresh cream or malai from milk: 1-2 tbsp

Salt as per taste.

Sugar: a pinch


  1. Boil water and add turmeric powder and salt.
  2. Add the spinach and methi leaves for around 4-5 minutes
  3. Cube the paneer and immerse in warm water till further use.
  4. Drain under cold water, this will help retaining the color.
  5. Grind the spinach ,methi,with green chilies and coriander leaves.
  6. Keep aside. Meanwhile heat a pan add oil.
  7. Add the chopped onions and saute till golden, then add tomatoes.
  8. Cook till tomato cooks and oil starts leaving, add the grinded palak.
  9. Add little water if required and add the paneer and salt as needed.
  10. Add the malai/ cream.

Serve hot with rotis/naans/rice.


This is a no garlic ginger version. If adding, then add in step 7.

Store brought cream or the one you get on top of milk either of them can be used. Tastes the same.

Adding coriander leaves is optional but adding the leaves while grinding gives nice green color.




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