Idli Podi

Podi forms a very important side dish for breakfasts. There are many versions of making this yummy side dish. Since this can be made in advance, this sure is a winner as when you are pressed for time this goes well with most of the breakfast items. I still remember mom packing yummy soft idlis coated with podi for lunch box. 🙂  Or when travelling we used to carry idlis with podi mixed so that it becomes easy and mess free.

Today i am sharing my mom’s version of this lovely podi. Hope you try and like this:

Makes 3 cups
1 cup each Chana dal and Udai Dal
8 each Bhedgi and normal Red Chillies ( add more for more spice.)
Asefodita 1 tsp.
Tamarind: a small lemon size (optional)
Salt to taste
Black Til(sesame seeds): 1/4 cup
Gingelly oil 1tbsp

1. Roast the dals and chillies till golden brown in gingelly oil. Roast the red chillies also.
2. Grind all the dals,chillies,asefoditia,tamrind,til and salt coarsely in a powder.
3. Store in an airtight jar. Would stay fresh for more than a month.
U can add more red chillies if you want it more spicy.
Add the bedgi chillies as it would give nice red color to the podi, won’t be spicy though.. Add other variety chillies for spice quotient.Also can be sprinkled over the dosas while making Podi dosas.

Whenever want to use, use a fresh, clean spoon, add the needed quantity, mix with oil/ghee.
Goes very well with Idlis, Dosas, Adai.

Moluga Podi




  1. […] A very famous South Indian rather Palakkad delicacy is Adai. We love this food. Healthy and nutritious as the batter is made using dals and rice. Fermentation not necessary. And tastes heavenly when paired with Avial/ chutney/ jaggery/ podi. […]


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