Easy Paste

For people pressed for time this paste would come handy, especially when have to make a dish elaborately and have no time. Ready made ginger garlic pastes have preservatives, which some might not prefer.

So here I am sharing a recipe of ginger,garlic and green chilli paste which takes the flavors of any curry/rice to the next level. Can be used even for Pulavs and Biryanis.


Here comes the recipe:


Makes 1 small vati (bowl)

Ginger: 2 inch piece

Garlic: 10 -12 cloves

Green Chili: 4-5


1.Wash the ginger, chop roughly.

2.Wash and pat dry the green chillies.

3. De skin the cloves and take all of them in a mixie jar.

4. Grind coarsely without water.

Transfer in a airtight bowl and use as needed.


Stays fresh for around a month if used with clean spoon and refrigerated.



PS: This paste can be used for making yummy Batata Vadas too  🙂





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